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America's Next Top Model Quiz: "Where’s the Beef?" - San Francisco, CA, USA - Last week on America's Next Top Model, Allison's "tude" was her demise, so you'd think with one controversial girl out of the loft, there'd be more love and less hate this time around. Not the case on Wednesday's episode, as yet another shouting match broke out in the house, this time about nakedness in the shower. That's a slight improvement over last week's fight over butt size, I have to say.

This was also the week Ms. J. got down to business with the walking. Every year I think, "Huh, they need this much help walking?" and each year a bunch
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Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 3/13/2008 12:03:05 PM | Permalink
Amy "Amis" Jenkins the third girl cut from 'America's Next Top Model'
Reality TV World - Mansfield, MA, USA - Amy "Amis" Jenkins was accused of not taking modeling seriously, causing the 20-year-old waitress from Bartlesville, OK to become the third contestant eliminated from America's Next Top Model's tenth season during last night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"Walking away from this competition, I feel no bitterness, only huge amounts of gratitude," said Amis following her ouster.  "This has been the best thing to ever happen to me.  I've gained so much from the whole experience -- good, bad, whatever -- I wanted to absorb.  I was part of something bigger than myself, and who could ever want anything more
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Celebrities : Amy Jenkins, Tyra Banks
Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 3/13/2008 12:03:26 AM | Permalink
''America's Next Top Model'': Meat the Models
Entertainment Weekly - USA - Is it just me, or was this one of the most delicious episodes of America's Next Top Model ever? Let's dig in. Two things to get out of the way here quickly: (1) Our own Michael Slezak had no idea that Mr. Jay would be taking his models to New York's meatpacking district when he scripted this week's episode of's America's Next Top Doll series. (In another channeling-Tyra coincidence, Slezak's plastics find themselves doused in ''real live animal blood'' — read: Asian chili sauce, sweet and sour sauce, diced tomatoes, and tomato paste — while recreating the Carrie prom
Tyra Banks
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Celebrities : Tyra Banks
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 3/13/2008 12:03:16 AM | Permalink
America's Next Top Model
PW-Philadelphia Weekly - Philadelphia, PA, USA - Several sub-species fall within the reality TV genre: everyday theatrics of extraordinarily narcissistic young’uns, celebrity voyeurism, makeover madness, competitive something-or-other (cooking, design, dating, parenting), and best of all, a combination of all the aforementioned.

The reason America’s Next Top Model has made it to season, or “cycle” 10, as Tyra calls it? Because it’s got all the makings of great melodrama, and never deviates from its prescribed script of catfights, C-list celeb cameos, hair extensions and instructions from Ms. Banks to “smile with your eyes” if you wanna win.

For its 10th season the show returns to New York with another crop
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Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 3/5/2008 12:03:51 AM | Permalink
The CW's 'Top Model' combines aspiration and perspiration
Hollywood Reporter - United States - It might just be that the seminal moment for "America's Next Top Model" (born May 20, 2003) arrived when it tapped fashion photographer Nigel Barker to be a judge at the beginning of what it refers to as "Cycle 2." Barker is U.K.-born, you see, and if the unscripted TV world has taught us anything, it's that you need a Brit helping with judging in order to succeed on any sort of elite scale.

"That's simply how it is," Barker insists. "It's an established fact that your show needs a bit of salt, a little pepper and a dash of Englishman."

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Celebrities : Nigel Barker, Tyra Banks
Categories : Model News, Design/Fashion, TV Personalities, America's Next Top Model, Celebrity News
Posted 2/27/2008 12:02:47 AM | Permalink
'America's Next Top Model': Let's get on with it
Variety - Los Angeles, CA, USA - The season preem of each cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” is a throwaway episode to me. We get to know some girls who don’t make it to the top 13 (or, er, 14 this season); we don’t get to know girls who make it; and we aren’t made to care about any of them yet. Ultimately we end up with a collection of pretty girls who fill the same slots every year: the nice one, the mean one, the angry one, etc. Honestly, this show doesn’t really kick in for me until makeover week.

The school theme they use throughout
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Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 2/21/2008 03:02:26 AM | Permalink
Artificial Life, Inc. Launches America's Next Top Model 10 Mobile Game
Primenewswire (press release) - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Hong Kong based Artificial Life, Inc. (OTCBB:ALIF) (, a leading provider of award-winning 3G mobile technology and applications, today announced the launch of the America's Next Top Model(tm) Cycle 10 mobile game on Artificial Life's m-commerce portal ( The game will soon be available on-deck and off-deck via telecom operators, resellers and distributors around the globe.

In this exciting 4th installment by Artificial Life of the America's Next Top Model(tm) mobile game series, the player takes on the role of a backstage manager for a fashion show, coaching the models on how to rock the fashion world. The player must prepare
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Categories : America's Next Top Model, Celebrity Marketing News
Posted 2/21/2008 12:02:38 AM | Permalink
Tyra Banks: America's Next Top Mogul
Tyra Banks
Entertainment Weekly - USA - The statuesque beauty holding court in front of her studio audience on a recent January morning in New York City is ready for anything. And that's good, because Tyra Banks' fans do not hold back. Demands one woman, ''Is it true you moved your show to New York for a man?'' Banks, styled in a formfitting white dress, breezily rejects the claim that the relocation of her eponymous talk show — and her hit reality show, America's Next Top Model — has anything to do with her love life. The young crowd is primed with energy; hands shoot up and
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Celebrities : Tyra Banks
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : America's Next Top Model, Model News, TV Hosts, Reality TV Stars, TV Personalities, Talk Show Hosts, Celebrity News
Posted 2/15/2008 12:02:07 AM | Permalink
America's Next Top Model: Another Update on Bianca Golden
BuddyTV - USA - We just noted that America's Next Top Model cycle 9 bad girl Bianca Golden was featured on the runway last Friday during the show for Project Runway designer Chris March. It was a surprise to some since she wasn't even in the final three.

However, the sassy America's Next Top Model alum seems to be taking the positive from her experience on the show, and rather than focus on how far she didn't get, she's instead looking at the reality experience as a way to open doors in the modeling industry. She recently talked about her future plans, and also about
Bianca Golden
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Celebrities : Bianca Golden
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Model News, America's Next Top Model, Reality TV Stars
Posted 2/11/2008 12:02:28 AM | Permalink
'America's Next Top Model' at Fashion Week and Elsewhere
BuddyTV - USA - As we recently noted, it's been reported that cycle 9 America's Next Top Model winner Saleisha Stowers' agent said that she needed to be more “seasoned” prior to appearing at New York's Fashion Week.

But that doesn't mean that America's Next Top Model didn't represent at Fashion Week. At least three alum from recent seasons of America's Next Top Model appeared on the runways – including one of Saleisha's cycle 9 competitors.

That's right, that's the bad girl of cycle 9, Bianca Golden, was, apparently, seasoned enough to hit that runway. So was cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez, and “Dani” Danielle Evans,
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Celebrities : Bianca Golden, Saleisha Stowers, Jaslene Gonzalez, Danielle Evans
Categories : America's Next Top Model, Model News, Reality TV Stars
Posted 2/10/2008 12:02:45 AM | Permalink
Where is she now? Yoanna House - Cape Town, South Africa - While I was snooping for news about America's Next Top Model 3 I was browsing wiki and TV channel websites and was interested to see what Yoanna House and some of the other finalists have been up to since Season 2 finished last week.


Immediately after winning the show in 2004 she didn't do anything particularly much.

She did a couple of runway shows, a TV ad or two and a cover story for a magazine but then in 2005 she grew her hair and got cast as the host of a show called The Look For Less - for the Style
Yoanna House
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Celebrities : Shandi, Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Yoanna House
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Where Are They Now, America's Next Top Model, Models
Posted 11/30/2007 12:11:02 AM | Permalink
America's Next Top Model: Cycle Nine Finalists Announced!
Tyra Banks
BuddyTV - USA - If it seemed like there was something special in the air today, some kind of heady mixture of lip gloss, estrogen and anxiety, it wasn't your imagination. Today, the names and photos for the 13 finalists for America's Next Top Model cycle 9 were released in anticipation of the season premiere on the CW on Wednesday, September 19.  The drama starts promptly at 8pm.

In the meantime, you can review the new slate of modelettes and start picking your favorites now!

All we get this far in advance is some basic demographic data. There are quite a few students in the bunch,
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Celebrities : Tyra Banks
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : America's Next Top Model, Models, TV Hosts, Talk Show Hosts, Reality TV Stars, Celebrity News
Posted 8/23/2007 12:08:50 AM | Permalink
Meet Your 'America's Next Top Model 9' Hopefuls - USA - Let the countdown to the catwalk begin.

The competition once again gets fierce among the newly announced lucky 13 contestants on the ninth cycle of "America's Next Top Model."

Although a quick overview of the contestants implies a scary homogeneity -- a majority are students, and the age ranges from 18-21 -- we're certain that their individual talents will shine through.

Take, for instance, Janet, who we expect to have flawless skin for her beauty shots since she's an aesthetician. And then there's Lisa, who promises all sorts of fun because she's a dancer. What kind of dancer? An exotic dancer? A ballroom
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Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 8/23/2007 12:08:42 AM | Permalink
The CW reveals the identities of 'America's Next Top Model 9' girls
Reality TV World - Mansfield, MA, USA - The CW has revealed the identities of the wannabe models that will be strutting the runway on this fall's ninth season of America's Next Top Model.

Like the show's last four editions, Top Model 9 will feature 13 girls (one girl fewer than the franchise-record 14 contestants Top Model's third and fourth seasons featured) and a judging panel comprised of show creator Tyra Banks, supermodel Twiggy, photographer Nigel Barker, and runway expert J. Alexander.

As in previous seasons, Top Model 9 will also feature additional special guest judges. Art director Jay Manuel -- who served as the host for this
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Celebrities : Twiggy, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander, Tyra Banks
Categories : America's Next Top Model, TV Personalities, Actor News, Models, Celebrity News
Posted 8/23/2007 12:08:41 AM | Permalink
Former America's Next Top Model Finalist Stars in New Music Video
BuddyTV - USA - Former America's Next Top Model finalist Jade Cole is appearing in a new music video for “Halfway Back to Sane,” the debut single of rock band, Telling on Trixie.  The video, which was released on Sunday on networks and online video channels, costars Cole as the evil nurse.  According to guitarist Brad Small, Cole was the first choice for the role, given her persona in the highly-rated CW reality competition.

“With [Telling on Trixie lead singer] Derek playing the mental patient, we needed an evil nurse, a diva.  Jade from America's Next Top Model was the first person we thought of,
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Celebrities : Jade Cole
Categories : America's Next Top Model, Models
Posted 7/21/2007 12:07:51 AM | Permalink
Top Model Blasts Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton
The Celebrity Truth - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - America's Next Top Model cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry has blasted gossip blogger Perez Hilton for his "lame ass blog", after he posted photos of her allegedly smoking marijuana on an internet radio show.

Hilton's post showed photos of Curry in a studio setting, with commentary alleging that "reality TV whore Adrienne Curry" was "sucking on the herb during a taping of radio show That's Entertainment earlier this week."

In response, Curry posted the following message on her Myspace:

"Perez Hilton and smoking weed

As many of you know, Perez Hilton wrote some lame ass blog about me "acting" like I was hitting a
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Celebrities : Adrianne Curry, Perez Hilton
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 7/20/2007 12:07:33 AM | Permalink
Factory worker crowned Canada's Next Top Model - Canada - Rebecca Hardy, a tomboyish meat packing plant worker from Mannheim, Ont., was crowned "Canada's Next Top Model'' in a tear-filled season finale of the catty reality TV series on Wednesday night.

"I'm super thrilled,'' the five-foot-11 redhead with the edgy bob haircut said in an interview at the CHUM building in Toronto as the last episode of Cycle 2 of the Citytv reality TV series was airing.

Hardy, 22, beat out four other women in the finale to win the title, which carries a C$100,000 beauty contract with Procter & Gamble, a modelling contract and an editorial spread in Fashion Magazine.

As "Canada's
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Celebrities : Rebecca Hardy
Categories : America's Next Top Model
Posted 7/19/2007 06:07:06 AM | Permalink
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