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Local chef takes top honors in cooking challenge
Destin Log and Walton Log - Destin,FL,USA - Javier Medina, chef at Smiling Fish Cafe in Santa Rosa Beach, was named Top Chef during the first annual Southern Breeze Gulf Coast Chef Challenge Finals in Gulf Shores, Ala. This event featured this year's winning chefs from the preliminary challenges in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Medina wowed the judges with four lamb variations - lamb carpaccio with ginger and horseradish, a mushroom crusted lamb chop, grilled lamb tenderloin, and hickory mesquite smoked lamb loin - served with butternut squash puree, roasted fall vegetables, and baby bock Choy with a lamb jus.
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Celebrities : Javier Medina
Categories : Top Chef
Posted 11/14/2009 11:11:31 AM | Permalink
Padma Lakshmi Strips (Photos) Chocolate Covered Sexy "Top Chef"
Padma Lakshmi
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA - Padma Lakshmi is a former model.  The sexy brunette's career began at age 20, when a modeling agent in Spain discovered her.  Lakshmi established herself as a food expert early on in her career, having hosted two successful cooking shows and writing a best-selling cookbook. Lakshmi follows this success with the publication of her second cookbook, Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet, Bravo notes in an online bio.

The entry adds, "A follow up to her successful book Easy Exotic, for which she won the International Versailles Event for best cookbook by a first time writer, it will be a larger endeavor
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Celebrities : Padma Lakshmi
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Model News, TV Hosts, TV Shows, Television Personality News
Posted 11/17/2008 12:11:13 AM | Permalink
Veterans Jane Fonda and Cloris Leachman return to Broadway (well, Leachman's a maybe)
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA - Jane Fonda, 70, will return to Broadway for the first time in 46 years in Tectonic Theatre Project's production of Moises Kaufman's "33 Variations."  The production, to be directed by Kaufman, also represents his Broadway debut as a playwright.

Fonda first appeared on the Broadway stage in the 1960 play "There Was a Little Girl," for which she earned a Tony nomination.  She also played Broadway in a 1963 revival of "Strange Interlude."

Kaufman's play, which tells the story of musicologist Katherine Brandt (Fonda) and her quest to discover why Ludwig von Beethoven became obsessed with a trivial waltz, was presented --
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Celebrities : Jane Fonda
Categories : Actor News, TV Shows
Posted 11/3/2008 05:11:02 AM | Permalink
'So You Think you Can Dance' finalists, including Katee Shean, waltz into Detroit
The Flint Journal - - Flint,MI,USA - Katee Shean is living proof that dancing your heart out can be profitable.

Shean, a contemporary dancer from San Jose, Calif., recently won $50,000 after being named Top Girl Finalist on the Fox TV hit "So You Think You Can Dance."

"I should probably buy my parents a present," said Shean. "They flew down (from northern California to Los Angeles) every week to watch the taping."
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Celebrities : Katee Shean
Categories : TV Shows
Posted 10/24/2008 01:10:57 AM | Permalink
My taste test of new Big Day Breakfasts at Hilton Garden Inns
Budget Travel - New York,NY,USA - The national chain has teamed up with Chris Jacobson, a chef who competed on season three of the Bravo TV show Top Chef, to create three new breakfast dishes for the chain's nearly 400 hotels.

The upside of having a celebrity chef is obvious: Top Chef is a popular show, and Jacobson is a personable former pro athlete who will be an asset in the chain's Big Day ad campaign.

The potential downside is that bringing in a celebrity chef might seem like just a gimmick, especially when he's designing just a few dishes rather than overhauling the entire menu.
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Celebrities : Chris Jacobson
Categories : Top Chef, Celebrity Chef News
Posted 9/16/2008 12:09:55 AM | Permalink
O&A Exclusive: Judge David Young tells all
David Young
Out & About - Nashville,TN,USA - David YoungI have never liked cruises. If the waves don't make me nauseous, the other passengers usually do.

David Foster Wallace got it right in "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" when he described the experience as “a tragic exercise in managed fun.”  But hey - this was an Atlantis cruise, Foster Wallace isn't even gay, and this trip had a drag queen squirting antibacterial goo on my hands each time I got on or off the ship.  This was not going to be a typical cruise.

My partner Scott and I left Miami
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Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : David Young, TV Shows, Celebrity Appearances, Celebrity News
Posted 9/1/2008 12:09:56 AM | Permalink
Octogenarian Actress Cloris Leachman Joins “Dancing With The Stars”
eFluxMedia - USA - One of the surprises of the next edition of ABC’s show “Dancing With The Stars” is actress Cloris Leachman who, at the age of 82, accepted to enter the dancing competition, the network said on Monday.

Leachman won an Academy Award in 1971 for her supporting role in “The Last Picture Show” and a Primetime Emmy for her TV work. She is the oldest contestant that has ever appeared on the show’s ballroom floor.

The second oldest star that competed in the dancing show was actor George Hamilton, 66, who appeared in season two at the beginning of 2006.

Leachman said that she
Cloris Leachman
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Celebrities : Cloris Leachman
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Dancing with the Stars, Actor News, Celebrity News
Posted 8/26/2008 12:08:48 AM | Permalink
7-Up Presents: "Gerry Dee-Last Canadian Standing Tour"
MarketWatch - USA - Comedian Gerry Dee (Last Comic Standing,) will be performing from coast to coast this fall. The tour called "Last Canadian Standing" is Dee's first National tour performing in over 20 cities at various Canadian theatres from October through December.

Dee, who is best known for his third place finish (the highest ever by a Canadian) on the NBC hit "Last Comic Standing" is excited to begin his first National tour, "I have a lot of support behind me. Having 7-UP involved really helped. WestJet and Via have also covered all of my travel. You add the name Russell Peters to that
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Celebrities : Gerry Dee
Categories : Last Comic Standing, Comedian News
Posted 8/16/2008 12:08:52 AM | Permalink
Danielle Fishel to cover beauty & fashion on 'The Dish'
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - Danielle Fischel, host of the Style Network's new show "The Dish," said she can dish the dirt on others as easily as she can diss herself.

"If I wasn't as self-deprecating as I am, what I say on the show may come off as bitchy or catty, but that has never been my intention - and I don't have a catty bone in my body," Fishel told the Daily News.

"It's all in good fun."

"The Dish," premiering Saturday night at 10, is executive-produced by the team behind E!'s "The Soup" and will use a similar clip-show format.
Danielle Fishel
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Celebrities : Danielle Fishel
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Project Runway, TV Hosts
Posted 8/11/2008 12:08:03 AM | Permalink
American Idol's Brooke White Releases Debut CD
Brooke White
Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA - American Idol's Brooke White has released her debut album Songs from the Attic. While Brooke White is unable to sign an official record deal until the American Idol tour finishes, she has chosen to release her album independently. You can also hear samples of songs from the album. Brooke White's album contains 11 songs, including covers of Aerosmith's Dream On and Coldplays' Yellow. I really enjoyed the clips from her album. The songs had a nice fusion of folk, pop, and a nice rhythmic upbeat quality. Even on the cover songs, Brooke White's unique voice and style came through.

Born in
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Celebrities : Brooke White
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Musician News, American Idol, Celebrity News
Posted 8/7/2008 12:08:23 AM | Permalink
Sweet Basil Chef Paul Anders competes in New Orleans
Vail Daily News - Vail,CO,USA - Paul Anders, executive chef at Sweet Basil in Vail, competed successfully in the Fifth Annual Great American Seafood Cook-off this weekend in New Orleans.

Anders won top chef in the first day of competition, which allowed each of the 14 competing chefs to cook their own masterpieces using seafood from their respective states.

“I wanted to fix something that was fresh and sustainable … something clean, bright and simple,” Anders said. His recipe, Colorado Striped Bass with Truffle and Olathe Corn Emulsion, used local produce and fish farmed in the San Luis Valley. He created it specifically for the competition.
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Celebrities : Paul Anders
Categories : Top Chef, Celebrity Chef News
Posted 8/7/2008 12:08:19 AM | Permalink
Stamford native Stephanie Izard receives Bravo's Top Chef honors
The Stamford Times - Norwalk, CT, USA - During this season's edition of Bravo TV's "Top Chef," contestant Stephanie Izard had to conceptualize and bake an elaborate wedding cake in 24 hours, butcher an entire pig to create food for a garden party and reinvent duck a l'orange for celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

But it was the final challenge in Puerto Rico that the Stamford-born Izard will remember best, for it was there that she was named the winner of the fourth edition of the popular reality show, becoming the first woman to achieve the honor.

"I'm very excited to win. It's very exciting to represent women of course, but
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Celebrities : Stephanie Izard
Categories : Reality shows, Top Chef, Celebrity News, Celebrity Chef News
Posted 7/7/2008 12:07:57 AM | Permalink
Winthrop chef impresses, makes 'Hell's Kitchen' finale
Rock Hill Herald - Rock Hill,SC,USA - When Louis Petrozza flew to Hollywood to film the reality television series "Hell's Kitchen" last fall, he lost his job at a Charlotte catering company.
His employer likely is regretting not keeping him on the payroll since Petrozza, now a Winthrop University catering chef, has advanced to the finals of the Fox program.

"When I asked my boss if I could interview for the show he said, 'I don't think that's necessary, Lou. Will it drive sales?' ... Honest to God that's what he said: 'Will it be good for sales,'" Petrozza gushed Friday. "He just didn't want to lose me."
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Celebrities : Louis Petrozza
Categories : TV Shows, Celebrity News, Celebrity Chef News
Posted 6/29/2008 12:06:18 AM | Permalink
Big Brother: Where are They Now? - Season 9, Part 3
BuddyTV - Seattle, WA, USA - Big Brother 9 had an interesting final 6. I'm wouldn't go so far as to say that they were unlikable, but speaking honestly, they weren't really my cup of tea.  They made the Big Brother house an interesting place, for sure, but never once did I think “Man, I'd love to hang out with those guys.”  One thing that I've noticed in this “Where are they now?” series is that almost all former Big Brother contestants seem to have a big “fan base.”  It's hard to imagine why.  But, they do.  And, the Big Brother house guests love playing to
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Celebrities : Natalie, Sharon, Sheila, Ryan, Adam, James
Categories : Reality shows, Where Are They Now, TV Personalities, Reality TV Stars, Big Brother
Posted 6/27/2008 12:06:39 AM | Permalink
Big Brother: Where are They Now? - Season 9, Part 2
BuddyTV - Seattle, WA, USA - Big Brother 9 will soon be a distant memory.  Reality TV is all about the moment.  It lacks nostalgia.  As soon as the new season of Big Brother begins, we'll all (for the most part) forget about the sixteen house guests on Big Brother 9 and focus our attention on the shiny new Big Brother 10 players.  There's nothing wrong with this, from an viewers' perspective; in reality television, the past is the past.  That transition is much more difficult for the contestants themselves, who go from the flavor of the week to an afterthought.  What a house guest does
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Celebrities : Matt, Chelsia, Joshuah, Allison, Alex
Categories : TV Personalities, Reality TV Stars, Reality shows, Big Brother
Posted 6/25/2008 12:06:27 AM | Permalink
Big Brother: Where are They Now? - Season 8
BuddyTV - Seattle, WA, USA - Less than one year ago, Big Brother 8 premiered on CBS.  There were two major twists, the first and most prominent being the “Nemesis” twist, wherein three sets of nemeses entered the house, not knowing the other would be there.  Dick and Daniele Donato were a father/daughter duo who had not spoken in years, Jessica Hughbanks and Carol Journey were former friends who had a falling out, and Dustin Erikstrup and Joe Barber were former boyfriends.  The second twist was “America's Player.”  Eric Stein came onto Big Brother 8 playing for America, doing the bidding of the fans.  It's safe
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Celebrities : Carol Journey, Jessica Hughbanks, Dustin Erikstrup, Joe Barber, Amber Siyavus, Eric Stein, Daniele Donato, Jen Johnson, Dick Donato, Nick Starcevic
Categories : Reality shows, Reality TV Stars, TV Personalities, Big Brother
Posted 6/20/2008 12:06:50 AM | Permalink
'So You Think You Can Dance'? Prove it
New York Daily News - New York, NY, USA - Dancers who want a ticket on "So You Think You Can Dance" judge Mary Murphy's hot tamale train need to do more than just get the choreography right.

"You have to have a phenomenal performance," Murphy told the Daily News. "It has to be a hot number that gets me all fired up, and it's also all about whether I think that it was a performance that's going to take you toward the finale, because that's where the train heads to. If somebody has a first-class ticket, I'm thinking the final two."

Murphy's tamale train has become a staple on the Fox
Mary Murphy
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Celebrities : Mary Murphy
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : So You Think You Can Dance, Actor News, Celebrity News
Posted 6/19/2008 04:06:42 AM | Permalink
David Archuleta signs a record deal
David Archuleta - Scottsdale, AZ, USA - Archie got a record deal! David Archuleta has signed with 19 Recordings Jive Records and although that was hardly in doubt, what is still a question is what his sound becomes and how well he'll sell albums.

By signing with Jive, Archuleta is going with the practically in house recording company associated with “American Idol.” Winner David Cook gets the automatic deal, but anyone else in the Top 12 can sign wherever they want.

The fact that Archuleta signed with Jive is telling. At only 17, the singer could use some serious guidance as he navigates the mine fields of popular music
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Celebrities : David Archuleta
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Musician News, Reality TV Stars, American Idol, Celebrity News
Posted 6/19/2008 12:06:25 AM | Permalink
Brooke White Sweet on Saving the World
E! Online - USA - Brooke White will be taking the stage with a message this summer.

The season-seven American Idol finalist has teamed with Idol Gives Back and the aid group Malaria No More to encourage kids to spend their vacations not only having fun but  to do their part to make the world a better place, as well.

In addition to doling out tips on how they can help those less fortunate, the Save the World Summer campaign is offering two tickets to next year's Idol finale for the youngster who raises the most funds to buy mosquito-blocking bed nets for children in Africa.

"This generation
Brooke White
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Celebrities : Brooke White
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Reality TV Stars, American Idol, Celebrity Causes, Celebrity News
Posted 6/18/2008 12:06:34 PM | Permalink
Destination ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: The judges show a mean streak
Los Angeles Times - CA, USA - Dan Karaty warned me that things would be different this week. We spoke backstage after last Thursday’s elimination, and Dan expressed concern that he’d been too soft on the top 20 performers.  From here on out, he warned, the judges were going to give it to them straight.

Dan wasn’t kidding. From the very first number, it was clear that seats on the "hot tamale train" were limited, and Mary Murphy wasn’t going to scream that signature scream for just anybody. If Top 20 week was the best dream you’ve ever had, Top 18 week was the alarm clock on Monday
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Celebrities : Chelsea Traille, Thayne Jasperson, Dan Karaty, Mary Murphy
Categories : Reality shows, So You Think You Can Dance, Reality TV Stars, Celebrity News
Posted 6/18/2008 11:06:27 AM | Permalink
"Idol" Alum Brooke White Encourages Kids To Help Less Fortunate This Summer
AHN - USA - "American Idol" contestant Brooke White, who got praise for her performance of The Beatles hit "Let It Be" this past season, is encouraging kids to help make the world a better place this summer.

The singer has teamed up with "Idol Gives Back" and the aid group Malaria No More to launch the "Save The World Summer" campaign, which encourages children to use their summer activities to raise funds towards fighting malaria.

"This generation of American kids is the most globally-conscious and actively engaged the world has ever seen," says White.

The campaign was inspired by a ten-year old that used his birthday
Brooke White
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Celebrities : Brooke White
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Reality TV Stars, American Idol, Celebrity Causes, Celebrity News
Posted 6/18/2008 09:06:47 AM | Permalink
'American Idol' vs. 'So You Think You Can Dance' judges
New York Daily News - New York, NY, USA - Reality competitions are only as good as the judges who preside over them. The "American Idol" panel, the gold standard of the genre, proves that the right combination of critiques can add professional insight, comic relief or a verbal jab (much to the delight of the audience). So how do the folks of Fox's summer series "So You Think You Can Dance" measure up to the "Idol" ideal?

Simon Cowell vs. Nigel Lythgoe

Similarities:  Snarky Simon is known as tough but fair, and contestants respect him because of his experience in the music industry. Likewise, Nasty Nigel has tremendous experience in
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Celebrities : Mary Murphy, Simon Cowell, Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul
Categories : So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Celebrity News
Posted 6/18/2008 04:06:53 AM | Permalink
Jamie Bayard Explains So You Think You Can Dance Pants Pulling Down Controversy
Reality TV Magazine - Scottsdale, AZ, USA - Jamie Bayard was the first male dancer eliminated from the top twenty finalists on So You Think You Can Dance 4.  During the couples’ performance round, Jamie Bayard performed a hip-hop routine with Rayven Armijo, who was also eliminated from the competition.  During the routine, Rayven pulled down Jamie’s pants.  During the So You Think You Can Dance results show, Nigel Lythgoe suggested the pants pulling down could have offended a number of people and cost them votes.  In a press call, Jamie talked about his experience on the show, including the pants pulling down controversy.

When asked what he learned
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Celebrities : Jamie Bayard
Categories : Reality shows, So You Think You Can Dance, Reality TV Stars
Posted 6/18/2008 01:06:23 AM | Permalink
Big Brother: Where are They Now? - Seasons 4-6
BuddyTV - Seattle, WA, USA - Appearing on a show like Big Brother appears to give one a false sense of fame.  Or perhaps these people already had an intense desire for fame in the first place.  You see, it takes a special kind of person to participate on Big Brother.  You have to have a very high opinion of yourself, confident that you won't make a fool of yourself after intense around-the-clock scrutiny.  Many Big Brother contestants have a difficult time transitioning to the real world after Big Brother, holding on to any semblance of fame they may have received during their season.  Yesterday, we
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Celebrities : Erika Landin, James Rhine, Kaysar Ridha, Janelle Pierzina, Holly King
Categories : Reality shows, Where Are They Now, TV Personalities, Reality TV Stars, Actor News, Big Brother
Posted 6/18/2008 12:06:04 AM | Permalink
American Idol winner, other celebs turn out for autism benefit
Lower Hudson Journal news - West Harrison, NY, USA - On a day when Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate battled for the U.S. Open title in California, singer Taylor Hicks was one of dozens of celebrities at Winged Foot Golf Club yesterday to raise an estimated $1 million for the Autism Speaks charity.

Hicks, who won the fifth season of "American Idol" and is guest-starring in "Grease" on Broadway, said the cause is important to him.

"One of my dad's best friend's sons has autism," he said, moments before practicing his swing at the driving range. "When I heard about this particular event, I wanted to make sure I got out and
Taylor Hicks
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Celebrities : Taylor Hicks
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Musician News, American Idol, Celebrity Causes, Celebrity News
Posted 6/17/2008 12:06:57 AM | Permalink
Exclusive Interview: Rayven Armijo of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
BuddyTV - Seattle, WA, USA - Rayven Armijo barely arrived in Los Angeles for So You Think You Can Dance before she was packing her bags and heading back home.  On last night's live elimination episode, Rayven was kicked off the show, along with her partner Jamie Bayard.  The two performed a hip hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D'Uno, that just wasn't memorable enough for the fans or the judges.  Today, Rayven spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about why she didn't dance on pointe, what she thinks of Jamie, and what lies ahead for her.

Hey this is Gina from BuddyTV and today
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Celebrities : Rayven Armijo
Categories : Reality shows, So You Think You Can Dance, Reality TV Stars
Posted 6/13/2008 12:06:03 AM | Permalink
Exclusive Interview: Jamie Bayard of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
BuddyTV - Seattle, WA, USA - It seemed the Jamie Bayard would fare well this season on So You Think You Can Dance.  He was the only West Coast swing dancer to make the top 20 and he had previously danced with last season's finalist, Lacey Schwimmer.  Yet, when he pulled hip hop from the hat with partner Rayven Armijo this week, it seemed to be the kiss of death.  Both Rayven and Jamie were eliminated on last night's live results episode.  Today, Jamie took some time to talk with BuddyTV in an exclusive interview, chatting about his solo, his girlfriend, and life after So You
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Celebrities : Jamie Bayard
Categories : Reality shows, So You Think You Can Dance, Celebrity News
Posted 6/13/2008 12:06:02 AM | Permalink
'Top Chef' Winner Stephanie Izard: 'I Deserved It'
Entertainment Weekly - USA - When Stephanie Izard woke up yesterday, she was just your average chef. Today, everything's changed. For starters, she has a wicked hangover, and 100 grand in her pocket, after having been declared the season 4 Top Chef winner (see our season finale TV Watch recap). ''Way too many strangers [bought] me shots of things last night,'' she says. And the baked potato chips she was snacking on in the morning weren't much help sopping up the congratulatory gestures. Before breaking for a cure, the 31-year-old spoke with about her newfound fame.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How have things been for you in
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Celebrities : Stephanie Izard
Categories : Top Chef, Celebrity News, Celebrity Chef News
Posted 6/12/2008 12:06:46 AM | Permalink
Top Chef: Stephanie takes it home!
Time Out New York - New York, NY, USA - The finale for season four of Top Chef did an admirable job of ratcheting up the suspense, but in the end, the decision was inevitable. There’s been enough contention on the Internet about this finally being the season in which a female Top Chef would be crowned, and conspiracy theories aside, the last few episodes have shaped up just so.

The episode kicked off with a quick overview of the contestants’ feelings on their journey thus far, and what lay ahead. Stephanie wanted to overcome her nerves, Lisa was convinced she deserved to be there (and surprisingly—perhaps for the first time
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Celebrities : Stephanie Izard
Categories : Top Chef, Celebrity News, Celebrity Chef News
Posted 6/12/2008 12:06:40 AM | Permalink
Dancing With The Stars Opened Up New World For Laila Ali
Laila Ali
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA - Laila Ali's move into new career territory has surprised even the boxing champ herself.  "The plan was just to take some time off boxing and move into some fitness/wellness type stuff. Then 'Dancing With the Stars' came along, and at first I said 'No,'" she recalls. She reconsidered based on the idea of being able to "show a different side of myself that I knew was there -- to take myself out of the box of being a female fighter."

The "Dancing," stint, it turns out, opened up a new world of opportunities, including her contributing gig on CBS's "The Early
Read More
Celebrities : Laila Ali
Photo Credit : PR Photos
Categories : Reality shows, Actor News, TV Shows, Celebrity News, Athlete News
Posted 6/9/2008 12:06:02 AM | Permalink
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